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Sump Pumps

At First Class Plumbing Inc., we have years of experience installing and repairing sump pumps. When you invite us into your home we’ll get the job done to your satisfaction. When you call us to install your new sump pump we always use time-tested, high quality line of sump pumps with a 5 year warranty.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

  • Keeps you worry-free no matter what the weather is like outside
  • Results in a cleaner and healthier home
  • Prevents water damage to home and furnishings
  • Keeps your foundation dry and intact
  • Keeps the dampness from settling in, giving you a warmer dryer basement all year round
  • Helps control the humidity level of your basement
  • Removes moisture, which is a breeding ground for fungus, molds and mildew
  • Prevents termite and insect infestation
  • Prevents wall coverings and paint from peeling
  • Prevents rust and corrosion of metal appliances