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Lake Orion Sewer Line Services

Lake Orion Sewer Line Services

You may not pay it much mind, but your residential sewer line plays an absolutely integral role in the daily operation of your home! The sewer line, also notably referred to as a sewer main, transfers any and all waste your home generates (shower, sinks, toilets, etc) safely and effectively away from your home. When you need sewer line repairs, chances are you’ll know it!

If sewer line problems arise, rest assured that the certified professionals at First Class Plumbing have your back! We provide all of the skill and knowledge needed to accurately diagnose, repair and maintain your sewer line. And with our industry-leading technology, no problem is out of our reach!

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Superior Sewer Line Repair Technology in Lake Orion

At First Class Plumbing, we utilize state-of-the-art video equipment to diagnose problems or rising concerns with your sewer line. Our camera systems can reach any distance, recording all relevant information for the use of our certified plumbing experts. Accuracy and expedience are of utmost necessity when sewer line repairs are concerned, and to meet that need we provide only the best!

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Lake Orion Sewer Line Locating

Before any major construction to your home or land, code dictates that the new additions not impede your sewer, water and gas lines in any way. This is done both to avoid messes, and to ensure your personal safety against potential disastrous hazards. With our equipment, we can find the depth and running length of your sewer line right away!

Lake Orion Sewer Line Maintenance

Prevention is always the best option when your plumbing is concerned. Proper care and cleaning go a long way in mitigating future problems, and in many cases can prevent the need for sewer line repairs!

Our trucks are outfitted with top-quality sewer clearing machines (commonly called a sewer snake) with cables of one hundred feet to reach any distance necessary. The cables feature hardy cutting heads, designed to chew away debris, detritus and roots that may clog your sewer line.

Signs You May Need Sewer Line Repair in Lake Orion

The signs that you need a sewer line repair vary in intensity, some being very obvious, and others being a bit more subtle. Here are some clear indicators of sewer line problems:

  • Slow-draining fixtures. Slow draining sinks, showers, tubs and floor drains are all indications of a clog or greater issue with your sewer line. You may be tempted to reach for a drain cleaning product, but we urge you to call on a professional beforehand, especially in older homes that may boast pipes that can be damaged by chemicals.
  • Presence of vermin and insects in your yard. Rodents and insects are drawn to locations where the sewer line has become damaged or broken. If you note an uncanny increase in the mosquito population, give us a ring!
  • Foul odor. A dead giveaway, the stench of sewage is obvious if a line has become cracked or broken.

Professional Sewer Line Plumbing in Lake Orion

We’ve been in the business of providing exceptional service for a long time now. As our customer, your satisfaction has always been, and always will be our absolute priority! And to ensure this, we bring all of the skill, knowledge and tools needed to get your projects done right. Contact the specialists at First Class Plumbing today to learn more about our sewer line service, or to make an appointment!