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Bloomfield Hills Water Heaters

Bloomfield Hills Water Heaters


Heating the water in your home is one of the largest percentages of energy you will use. In fact it is only second to heating and cooling your home year round. This will only continue to grow because many homes are becoming more and more energy efficient. Have a First Class Plumbing licensed Plumber help you select the right water heater for your Metro Detroit home’s water heating needs.



Bloomfield Hills Conventional Storage Water Heaters

These are still the most popular type of water heating system for the home. Conventional storage water heater fuel sources include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity. Natural gas and propane water heaters basically operate the same. A gas burner under the tank heats the water.

A thermostat opens the gas valve as the water temperature falls. The valve closes when the temperature rises to the thermostat’s set point. Oil-fired water heaters operate similarly, but they have power burners that mix oil and air in a vaporizing mist, ignited by an electric spark.

Electric water heaters have one or two electric elements, each with its own thermostat. With two electric elements, a standby element at the bottom of the tank maintains the minimum thermostat setting while the upper demand element provides hot water recovery when demand heightens.
The lowest-priced storage water heater may be the most expensive to operate and maintain over its lifetime. While an over sized unit may be alluring, it carries a higher purchase price and increased energy costs due to higher standby energy losses. When you are in the need of extra hot water for you home you will want to consider having a high efficiency model installed. High efficiency tank type water heaters have less stand by heat loss compared to standard tank water heaters.

When you need to have a water heater installed call the experts at First Class Plumbing, we install all types of water heaters and will come out to your home to give you an estimate on your new water heater or we can give you one right over the phone and as always the price we give you will never change.



Tankless Water Heaters in Bloomfield Hills, MI

We offer knowledgeable, Licensed Plumbers to help you with finding solutions and sizing for the installation of your tankless water heater needs. First Class Plumbing Inc offers natural gas and LP tankless water heaters by Rinnai, Navian and Ruud.

First Class Plumbing Inc is the Tri County areas water heater expert and our knowledge of tankless water heater systems is second to none. Whether you are trying to save money or you need a constant supply of hot water that a tank water heater can’t provide, you can call on us and we will review your needs and find the perfect solution for you.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it. So you get an endless source of hot water, while also saving money on energy costs by not heating and reheating the same tank of water.

  1. When opening a hot water tap, or starting the dishwasher, the tankless water heater recognizes the need for hot water and starts the heating process.
  2. The temperature of the incoming water is used to calculate how much heat the burners must produce to deliver water at the desired temperature.
  3. When the demand for hot water ceases the unit shuts down and uses no energy, waiting until more hot water is needed.
  4. The end result — hot water that is not limited to what’s available in your tank. You always have clean, hot water when you want it for as long as you need it!


Why Tankless vs. a Traditional Tank?

Tankless hot water heaters produce more hot water using less energy than the most efficient storage tank style heater. Tankless water heating is the environmentally responsible water heating solution. It saves energy, saves space, and saves you money.

  1. Endless Hot Water
    Tankless water heaters heat the water you need, when you need it, turning any water source into hot water on demand. You are not limited to the amount a storage tank heater can hold. Whether you are washing the dishes, washing your clothes, or drawing a hot bath, tankless water heater technology will supply endless hot water to your lifestyle demands-even if you do them all at once!
  2. Lower Energy Bills and a Great Investment
    Tankless water heating provides an on demand hot water source that allows you to only pay to heat the water you use which can help dramatically reduce your energy bills. A gas fired tankless water heater can save a household up to 40% on their energy bills. Additionally, gas fired tankless water heaters have a typical life span of 20 years or more installed in residential applications, up to twice as long as a tank heater.
  3. Clean, Fresh Water
    Traditional tank-style water heaters can build up rust and scale inside their tank, where the hot water you use for bathing and drinking is stored. With a tankless water heater, you will always experience fresh, clean water that is heated on demand, as it passes through the unit.