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dc2If you are looking for drain cleaning in Waterford MI and surrounding areas, call the Waterford Michigan drain cleaning experts at First Class Plumbing (248) 520-9197 today!

Why Hire Professionals for Drain Cleaning?

Pipes are among the least interesting but most important inventions for a civilized society. During construction, they are hidden in walls and under floors to take care of routine tasks like bringing in fresh water and disposing of solid and liquid waste. Unless a blockage occurs, they require no maintenance and receive little attention. Many home owners underestimate the danger of do-it-yourself drain cleaning. The most effective process is drain jetting, using water under high pressure to clean pipe lines.

Problems Start Slowly

clogs usually develop over a period of time, slowly collecting waste products that can impede or stop the flow. Kitchen and utility room drains are often the cause of serious blockages. Grease and fats that go down the sink accumulate and harden, and other wastes that follow tend to add to the problem. A standard garbage disposal unit is likely unable to successfully disintegrate potato peelings or chunks of food, and they can easily add to the obstruction.

Washing machines contribute to the formation of blockages by depositing pieces of synthetic fabric in the lines. The filter on a dryer clearly shows that clothing disintegrates in the cleaning process, and it is not biodegradable. Spacing loads far enough apart to allow a drain to dispose of the water is helpful in preventing backups, but it is only a temporary solution. Drain jetting is the most efficient way to clear a line completely.

Dishwashers dump large quantities of water into a drain system, stressing it in the same way as a washing machine does. While some manufacturers advertise that it is not necessary to rinse away food particles, there is only one place for them to go. Plumbing uses bent pipes to prevent the backflow of odours, but there is a limit to how much the preventive measure can do. Sewer and drain lines carry filthy and contaminated waste, making it unhealthy for humans to touch or smell.

What Can Possibly Go Wrong

Dangers to health and safety are present when a home owner attempts to clear a clogged drain. One of the biggest problems results from not seeing the condition in the drain. The first choice for repair is often to dump chemicals in the line, and it is usually the worst choice. Drain cleaning is more complicated than it may appear.

Chemicals can damage any part of a plumbing fixture that they contact, and they are hazardous to the environment. Noxious fumes can cause blindness, burns and even death. Understanding the dangers of drain cleaning may deter some home owners from trying to do it and harming themselves in the process.

Why Hire a Professional

Thick blockages of grease require drain cleaning jetting, and a plumber has tools that are designed to handle tough jobs. Blockages often occur in areas that are hard to reach, and plumbers have experience in finding and clearing them. Drain jetting with a rotary nozzle can clear any clog in sewer and drain lines. Drain cleaning is a job for professionals.

Looking for drain cleaning in Waterford MI? Please call the drain cleaning pros at First Class Plumbing (248) 520-9197 today.

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